About Me

Luke Crevier working in the Yukon Territory.

I started my MSc at the Kelowna Campus of the University of British Columbia in January 2017, and converted to the PhD program in January 2019. I’m working in the Complex Environmental Systems Lab under the supervision of Dr. Lael Parrott. I’ve expanded on an agent-based model of black bear movement developed by researchers at UBC Okanagan, and am now transitioning to a model with a broader scope that encompasses the Bow Valley corridor in Alberta.

Before starting work on my Master’s, I graduated from UBCO with my BSc Honours in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. For my Honours project, I worked with Dr. Karen Hodges on a model of cyclic population dynamics in snowshoe hares. We looked at how changes in vital rates influence hare population dynamics and may lead to the dramatic cycling seen in the northern portion of the hare’s range.

I started my education at the Vernon campus of Okanagan College. I was unsure of what I wanted to do until I took a biology class with Professor Laurie Donovan, whose love for biology is apparent and contagious enough to set me on my current course.

  • To see what I’m working on right now, check out my current work page.
  • To see a few simple toy Netlogo models that I’ve made, have a look at my Github page.
  • Some of my previous work experience is available here.
  • Please see my contact page if you need to get in touch with me.