Marcus Savery – MSc. UBCO

About Me:

I am currently an MSc. student at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus under the supervision of Dr. Ed Hornibrook. Originally I am from the city of Campbell River on Vancouver Island but moved to the Okanagan in 2016 to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Earth and Environmental Science. I have a passion for the outdoors and the natural word, which lead me to the program. During my time off I am either hiking, biking, climbing, or skiing. While outside, doing any of the previous activities, I especially enjoy photography. During COVID-19 restrictions, and not being able to travel, I have gained a respect for local wildlife and wildlife photography.

After completing my BSc. Honours at UBCO, I had the opportunity to continue my studies and applied to the MSc. program. My MSc. research was originally going to continue my Honours project and use the automated atmospheric sampler to study methane emissions from the wetlands of northern Manitoba. Due to COVID-19, my study shifted to studying methane at a local scale. As there are not as many large wetlands to study in the Okanagan, I switched from focusing on a methane source to a methane sink, soils. There are plenty of soils in various ecosystems throughout the Okanagan that I am looking to study. I will focus on the methane consumption rate of these soils and the factors that influence it.

Me, somewhere in the mountains of British Columbia with my camera

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