John Mackay’s debate summary

INTRODUCTION. Make testable predictions resulting from good creation, followed by degenerate change to creatures made separately to reproduce own kind ; i.e.

1. Life, ECOSYSTEMS will show I.D. properties not derived from parts they are made of.
2. Fossil/ Bio evidence – will show creatures have been recognisably separate groups from beginning.
3. Earths age will prove irrelevant to since evidence of a Creation is independent of its age.
4 . But since degeneration is time dependant the longer life exists the more degeneration will occur .
5. Original ID will be overlaid by degenerate change to genomes, climate .. producing struggle, survival of fittest, natural selection, devolution …

DEFENCE 2 KEY points:

1.Show fossil and living creatures have provably produced own kind (not species).
…our ability to classify both living and fossil species distinctly and using the same criteria, “fit splendidly with creationist tenets.”
Stephen Jay Gould (Professor of Geology and Paleontology, Harvard University), ‘A quahog is a quahog’,
Natural History, vol.88 (7), 1979, pp. 18-26.

“In virtually all cases a new taxon appears for the first time in the fossil record with most definitive features already present, and practically no known stem-group forms.”
T. S. Kemp, Fossils and Evolution Oxford University Press 1999 , p246,

2. Show such genetic stability maintained by possessing DNA designed to prevent evolution and produce ‘after its Kind.’
DNA 60 plus repair mechanisms do maintain stability and when any fail, result is not evolution but at best lesser stability; at worst degeneration.

CONCLUSION Plenty of opinions and theories on fossils and genetics disagree with Biblical Creation. The facts don’t!

Real problem is redefinition: Scientific theories are ….. explanations about aspects of nature without reference to God.” The Science Teacher, Nov 2003, p34. So any answer acceptable to science provided it is Agnostic or Atheistic. Creation ruled out by anti intellectual fiat declaration.

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