John Mackay’s Opening Argument

I will show that the genetic and fossil evidence better supports the
biblical creation model.

The founding fathers of genetics (Gregor Mendel) and modern palaeontology (Nicholas Steno) interpreted the scientific evidence in harmony within a creationist paradigm. It was Steno who first began to unravel the true nature of fossils, unlike the understanding that was inherited from the ancient Greeks. Still, Lamarck, Lyell, Darwin, and others rejected the creationist paradigm and moved towards the alternative of naturalism and atheism.

I will present abundant genetic and fossil evidence for biblical creation,
and discuss the faith basis inherent in both origin models.

Dan Ryder’s Opening Argument

Why are French and Italian so strikingly similar? Common sense dictates that they are descended from an earlier language: Latin, as it happens. The massive similarities alone are enough to demonstrate common descent, although we also happen to have “fossil” evidence in the form of writing. Just as linguists have constructed vast family trees of related languages on the basis of similar words, biologists have done the same on the basis of similar genetic codes. Young earth creationists’ denial of common descent forces them to deny common sense, motivated only by a dogmatic adherence to a literal interpretation of Genesis.