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WalMart, one of America’s largest department stores known for their low prices and large variety of products, has been the circle of much controversy over the years. WalMart’s unethical business practices being the target. A major issue is the fact that products are said to have been “manufactured in the US,” when really a large number of products are created in workshops overseas. Not only are they lying to their customers but they are essentially promoting these unethical practises. WalMart’s worldwide locations as well as the vast amount of stores in the US has employed more than any other company in the US. Although, a large part of their staff live below the poverty line and make less than 20,000 dollars a year.

 Women are even more underpaid then men and women have been the target of discrimination by the corporation over the years. Promotions and training have been given to men and not women in the past. WalMart is the largest employer of women in the states, but if these practices continue will that still be true? Can WalMart continue their success while having so many unethical issues under their belt? Maybe their reign will come to an end sometime.

Check out the two links below where I found much discussion over these and numerous other unethical issues walmart has been accused of!
Here’s one
And here’s another

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