Posted by: | 25th Sep, 2010

Drunk without drinking?

No one enjoys the taste of vodka, or the ample amounts you must drink in order to get that drunk you wish to have. Lets face it, there must be a safe alternative to consumption of such large amounts of Alcohol. Well, Russian Professor, Evgeny Moskalev has an invention to complement all of these issues. He has invented a way to transfer Liquid alcohol such as vodka, whiskey, and even beer into a condensed powder form that can be packed into a potent pill. Now, consumers can take a pill form of alcohol not have to worry about people spiking their drink. These pills can be handy at parties because you can track the exact dosage you are consuming rather than relying on an inaccurate measurement of estimate. Although this may seem like a useful alternative to liquid form of alcohol many questions may arise from this sketchy creation. How can you trust these pills you are buying, knowing they could be packed full with some other harmful drug? What are the side effects of these extremely potent pills? The majority of these questions remain unanswered and may be the reason these pills have yet to be sold in Canada.

Here is a link thats goes into more detail about these unusual pills Moskalev has proposed.

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