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Old spice or Ice cream ad?

Whatever happened to the body cleansing advertisements simply advertising a smooth, clean, body that can only be achieved by using their product? “No tangles,” or an “irresistible smell,” are among the popular slogans used in promoting body wash or shampoo products. Today, advertisements in the world are becoming more and more creative, in particular Old Spice, who is well known for “the man your man could smell like.” Old Spice seems to be taking a different approach on advertising by displaying irrelevant pictures or sayings that have absolutely nothing to do with their product. In this example on the right, Old Spice is advertising their product by a picture of a woman eating an ice cream cone. Clearly this has no connection to their body wash product they are promoting, but it is unique and humorous. What other company has ever advertised their product in this way? No one I can think of. As mainly a men’s product, Old Spice is attracting men to their product with this quite practical ad of a woman. Although it is undoubtedly irrelevant, it is a great way of attaining their reputation and establishing their brand image. 

  Below is another example of a popular old spice ad that is not entirelyrelevant to the product but, regardless, is still a clever approach to advertising. Take a look!

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