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Significance of Social Media?

In today’s world driven by technology, forms of communication such as mail and postcards have been nearly abolished. Instead, the internet is widely used by people and businesses as a resourceful communication network. Many large businesses have successfully adopted forms of social networking that generate a circular flow of communication and information easily within the organization. However, social media is especially essential for entrepreneurs starting small businesses. In fact in many cases, without the use of social networking devices such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr, these entrepreneurs struggle in developing a base of customers and therefore lose ample amounts of money in the short term. The use of social networking can be incredibly beneficial in many ways, one being the establishment of a brand image. Creating Facebook groups, Youtube channels etc, generate increasing customer interest and recognition of the brand. After a few months of service/production, social networking sites allow for customer feedback and suggestions for improvement and in turn benefiting the success of the company. Many people have had successes and failures in developing small businesses, however, with increasing technological advancements the use of social media has become a very important aid to many entrepreneurs and will likely continue to be in years to come.

Here is a link to a site thats suggests 5 major benefits a company has when using social networking.

Below is a video I found that provides many very interesting facts about the revolution of social media and its sudden successes. Check it out!YouTube Preview Image

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