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A Great Lesson learned

–Blog for Comm 299–
When I was in grade 5 at about the age of 11, I did not have a grasp on the concept of hard work. Previously, in elementary school everything was relatively easy and even the odd homework assignment was completed with the aid of my parents. My fifth grade teacher was considerably laid back and devoted an hour every day of our school day to play soccer outside and the only subject we really focused on was mathematics. As I entered middle school the following year we were required to be much more individualistic and the much larger workload compared to past years was difficult for me to adapt to. To say the least, my marks that year were quite poor. Grade 7 quickly rolled around and I decided to try something new and I joined the football team. One day at practise, in frustration because of our lack of effort, my coach sat us aside and began to talk to us about the significance of hard work not only in football but in school and more importantly, in life. He was unbelievably motivating and I could sense that every player felt the emotion behind his speech. That year I worked considerably harder in school and to becoming a better athlete, and in turn saw significant improvements in both categories that year, and even still to this day.

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