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What have I learned about myself?

–Blog for Comm 299–
Comm 299, a career preparation class at the Sauder School of Business has taught me a lot about the world of employment. Not only have I learned about resumes, interviews, public speaking, and techniques for applying and successfully receiving a job, but Comm 299 has also taught me a lot about myself. In particular, in the first half of the semester we participated once a week in public speaking in front of our class of 20 odd students and received helpful feedback from our T.A. I learned a lot about what I need to work on as far as public speaking goes. My clarity was not usually an issue, neither was my engagement with the audience but what I continuously worked on throughout the semester was eliminating the “umm’s” and disconnection from the audience to search for words. The second half of Comm 299 has the career fundamentals portion of the course that taught me how to for once properly put together a resume and cover letter. The most useful exercise/assignment we were required to do was the interview assignment that followed the application of a job posting from “COOL.” I learned a lot about myself in the 15 minute interview I had with the interviewee. I learned that I really need to prepare myself for interviews and think about the possible questions they may ask. Also, I have a lot to work on, such as eliminating stuttering in my speech and maintaining a professional brand throughout the entire interview.

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