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Welcome to MATH 110, Section 003

MATH 110 is a two-term course in Differential Calculus. The main topics covered are Limits and Derivatives of elementary functions, Related Rates problems, Optimization, graphing, and Approximations. We also review some key precalculus concepts, such as functions, points and lines, basic trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms, etc. For a  list of topics and grade breakdown, visit Syllabus.

MATH 110 has three sections. All sections cover the same material, follow a similar schedule, and write the same exams, however, homework and quizzes are different in each section. This webpage contains specific information about Section 003.

The links at the top of this page will take you to useful pages where you can find information about the section syllabus, grade breakdown, posted notes for each class, quizzes and homework with solutions, and also some useful links and resources. Check out these pages regularly for updates.

Textbook:  The required textbook is Contemporary Calculus by Dale Hoffman. This is an online textbook available for free under the Creative Commons license. You are encouraged to download a copy from the link above; you may also print it out if you wish.

Course Outline

How to Succeed in Calculus

Class Courtesy


You find the announcements for the course and our section here, do keep checking regularly so that not to miss any important announcements.

Final Exam: Dec 21, 3:30 pm, SWNG 121
Final Review Class: Dec 16, 4-6pm, CHEM C124
Section 001: Final Review Class: Dec 19, 1-3pm, IBLC 261.

Midterm 1: Tuesday, Oct 25, 6 pm, Location: CHEM B250 (map here)

Midterm Review Class: Fri, Oct 215:30-7:30 pm, Location: HENN 202
(Section 002 Review Class: Mon, Oct 24, 6-8 pm, Location: IBLC 182)
More practice: Click here to go to other sections webpage to practice their quizzes and homework.

Week 13:

* Lecture 25 is posted.
* Lecture 24 is posted.
* Additional office hours: Fri, 11:30-12:30
* Change of Webwork due date: Sunday, Dec4, 10 pm

Week 12:       Complete the Teaching Evaluation Survey by Dec 5 please!

* Check the Additional notes and examples on exponential models.
* Lecture 23 is posted.
* Lecture 22 is posted.
* Quiz 5: Tue, Nov 29: Exponential growth/decay
* Practice questions on Ln derivative are posted.

Week 11:

* Solution to worksheet is posted.
* Lecture 21 is posted.
* Lecture 20 + worksheet is posted.
Homework 5 is posted. Due date: Tue, Nov 22.

Week 10:

* Lecture 19 is posted.
* Quiz 4: Tue, Nov 15, Questions will be from this practice set on chain rule.
* Lecture 18 is posted.
* Midterm solution is posted.

Week 9:

* Lecture 17 is posted. Check the trig sheet & and the practice questions.
* Lecture 16 is posted.
* Homework 4 is posted. Due date: Tue, Nov 8.
* No Quiz and HW on this week 🙂

Week 8:               Midterm: Tue, Oct 25, 6 pm,  CHEM B250

* No quiz/HW for the next week.
* Lecture 15 + worksheet is posted.
* Lecture 14 is posted.
* Extended Office Hours: Mon, Oct 24, 12-2 pm & 4-5 pm

Week 7:               Midterm Review: Fri, Oct 21, 5:30-7:30 pm, Location: HENN 202 (here)

* Lecture 13 is posted.
* Review class material including: notes, questions, and solutions (to selected questions),  are posted in the Lecture Notes page.
* Homework 3 is posted. Due date: Tue, Oct 25 (This is a homework on midterm material)
* Lecture 12 is posted.
* Quiz 3: Thursday, Oct 20
* Extended Office Hours: Mon, Oct 17, 12-2 pm & Wed, Oct 19, 12-1:30 pm

Week 6:
* Lecture 11 + worksheet is posted.
* More midterm samples are added.
* Lecture 10 is posted.

Week 5:                                    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

* A midterm sample is posted in Practice Problem/Exams.
* The due date to submit the written HW 2 is extended to THURSDAY Oct 13 !
* Lecture 9 is posted.
* Lecture 8 is posted.
* Homework 2 is posted. Due date: Tue, Oct 11 (in class submission)
* Quiz 2: Tue, Oct 4 : Limits (week 4) & tangent line/slope problem

Week 4:
* Lecture 7 + additional notes posted.
* Lecture 6 is posted.
* Practice problems are updated.

Week 3:
* Lecture 5 is posted.
* Lecture 4 is posted.
* Homework 1 is posted. Due date: Tue, Sep 27 (in class submission)
* Quiz 1: Tue, Sep 20

Week 2: 
* Notes for Lecture 3 are posted.
* Notes for Lecture 2 are posted. (Go to Lecture Notes page above.)
* The first course-related assignment will be open on WebWork on Fri Sep 16, due on Mon Sep    26.
* MLC is open now! (Mon-Fri: 11am-6pm, LSK 301&302)
* You have access to a Precalculus Review Package in Connect. There are many problems to practice and review the material from pre-calculus.

Week 1:
* Notes for Lecture 1 have been posted. Check the Lecture Notes page above.
Assignment 1 will be open tomorrow Fri, Sep 9. It is a Diagnostic Test, and all first year students complete this assignment. It is due on Sunday  Sep 18. This is NOT course related.
* Do Assignment 0 on the WebWork. This is just a tutorial to navigate you through WebWork.
* NO workshop on week 1.
* NO class on Sep 06! Imagine UBC Day.