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The flip side to De mulieribus claris / Praise of Good Women: Boccaccio, De casibus virorum illustrium / The Fall of Princes: Fortune and her wheel (1467: Laurence de Premierfait's 1409 French translation: University of Glasgow library, Sp. Coll. ms Hunter 371-72, vol. 1, f. 1r).

Information on the final exam is …

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A.k.a. in the main pages c/o horizontal menu above, in “assessments”:

That information will be updated tomorrow (Thursday) morning with a short list of passages from which the 15 on the final exam will be selected…

Image at top: University of Glasgow Library, Special Collections department online exhibition: “The World of Chaucer: Medieval Books and Manuscripts. Case 3: Influences.” Web version of the catalogue of an exhibition of manuscripts and early printed books from Glasgow University Library held at the Hunterian Museum 15 May to 28 August 2004. Catalogue compiled by Julie Gardham and introduced by David Weston.

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