Evaluation Time!

by Ted Sedgwick on December 3, 2009



I must admit that until I started to write this blog I had not paid close attention to the results of our last fitness assessment.  Somehow that didn’t seem like the most important part of the ‘Blog’ exercise anymore. 

  I think we have all learned something from this, whether it was related to our own personal habits of exercise and diet or those of our colleagues.  I enjoyed hearing about the approaches the rest of my fellow bloggers used to help achieve their goals.  It has added a personal touch to our department that often is lacking.

  I have covered a lot of topics during these blogging sessions, the initial ones directly related to physical fitness goals, but after the ‘Ribs’ episode these tapered to mental fitness – no less important.  So now that I have compared my fitness assessments I find that I improved in all categories – including the dreaded core flexibility.  I still do have fitness goals – the main one being to establish an all-season  regime that works for my lifestyle.  It gets too easy to put things off.  What are we waiting for? 

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for sharing their experiences!