Dr. Aubrey Neil Leveridge is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Department of Wood Science, in the Faculty of Forestry, at the University of British Columbia, an Educational Technologist, and a Communication Strategist. For more than two decades, Dr. Leveridge has been an instructor/lecturer for EAL and Communication students. Dr. Leveridge is dedicated to student success and well-being while constantly honing his instructional skills in order to provide an adaptive, efficient, and supportive learning environment. He has led and participated in workshops on student support, technology innovations, integration of technology into classroom situations, and enhancing curriculum designs and re-designs. In addition to instructional advancements, he has authored and co-authored publications in top educational technology journals, book chapters, and conference proceedings.


Current Courses

  • Communication Strategies for undergraduate students, WOOD 255
  • Technical Communication for graduate students, FRST 544 (Course Manager)
  • Scholarly Writing and Argumentation in Forestry