School Fee Surveys -Province Wide

Find your district and complete your parent survey on school fees. If your district is not here contact your local District Parent Advisory Council or school Parent Advisory Council to find out what is happening. This is only a short list of the districts in BC where parents have taken the lead on finding a resolution to the school fees issue. The information listed below can be found on publicly available web sites hosted by school boards, schools, DPACs and PACs. For those interested simply run a google search using PAC school fees survey to replicate what I have done to find the following information.

Please make sure to only fill out your own district survey. These surveys are for parents only. Other community members and stakeholders are asked to respect this request.

2 thoughts on “School Fee Surveys -Province Wide

  1. The Vancouver survey has been extended until midnight February 2, 2007. Some of the other districts may have done the same things. It is best to check with your home district DPAC directly.



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