So, welcome to my blog fellow Arts One peeps.

My name is Alexandra, but most people call me by my nickname which is Ola. I honestly respond to Alex or Ola, so feel free to yell out whichever one.

I have a lot of things I enjoy and a ton of hobbies, so I’m not going to bore you with everything. Realistically though, I probably have something in common with you!

I am a lifeguard and swim instructor, and love my job. I am a field hockey player (captain in high school, wha whaaat!), a horse back rider, an actor, and a musician. I have played piano for about 14 years and alto saxophone for 6 years. I love travelling, and one of my favourite and life changing trips was when I flew to the Dominican Republic with a group of people and lived in a small mountain village where we built houses and spent time with the locals. I also love to read and write (hello, arts one!) and hope to one day publish a book. I love reading YA fiction, but also enjoy more classical pieces like the ones we are reading. I was one of those kids whose parents had to tell them to stop reading, since I never wanted to do my other homework. I am also fluent in Polish and French.

Well that’s all I can think of for now about me! As to why I chose Arts One, I was scared of coming to University as I was pursing English and Psychology, since I knew my class sizes would be HUGE. When I heard how much one on one time we would receive with professors and other students, I was super interested. I thought the challenge would be interesting, and it would force me to read books that I normally would not pick up on my own. Plus, as a very opinionated person, I thought it would be awesome to voice mine and hear others’.

Anyways, I think this is sufficiently long. I hope to get to know all of you!

Ola 🙂

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