This is a reply to a blog post on Grow Marketing Blog run by Schaefer Marketing Solutions. In this post, Jessica touches on a marketing topic that we do not usually talk about in this course (because we have a separate course for this topic) and that is market and develops your own brand. When it comes to brands, a lot of the times people think of large corporations, but the truth is that we all have our own brands and just like how companies protect and promote their brands we must protect our own as well. Unfortunately, many people tend to overlook this issue. All we need to do is flip through some Facebook photos before we find an embarrassing shot. Although these embarrassing photos may seem funny to you and some friends, they may harm your own brand image to strangers and possible employers. Protecting your own brand especially important with the dawn of the internet since people can conduct research via the web and find whatever information they wish about a particular person. In addition, similar to how companies can conduct STP in a marketing strategy, I believe an individual can also devise a marketing strategy by building a STP strategy for one’s career goals as well. To me, all this shows is that marketing concepts that we learned in this course goes beyond just a theoretical framework, but these skills can be used for practical purposes in the future.

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