Hi Arts one!

I’m Olivia, 18 and I’m from Ladner, BC a tiny town that nobody knows about made up of farms and elderly people.

I went to Gabrielle-Roy in Surrey for my first year of high school and spent the rest of my high school career at Hugh McRoberts Secondary in Richmond. Gabrielle-Roy was a tiny francophone school (My family is part French, originally from Morocco) and I wanted to be in a huge school so I switched.

I really love dancing and gymnastics. I’ve been dancing a variety of styles since I was 7 which include ballet, hip hop, musical theatre, polynesian, break dancing and belly dancing. I competed for the past two years in belly dance and the past three years in Hip Hop. I’ve done gymnastics since I was three and competed provincially for the past couple of years. Now that I’m 18, I’ve stopped dancing and gymnastics and decided to join the UBC cheer team since floor was always my favourite 🙂

I have a cute little lovebird named Cutie-Pie (He’s really cute)

I like eating

And I don’t know what else to say


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