UBC Asia-Pacific Law Club

Congratulations class of 2016!

We at the APLC are excited to welcome you to Allard Hall. Please read on to find out what our club is all about!

What is the UBC Asia-Pacific Law Club?

The APLC is a student organization at the UBC Faculty of Law that strives to inform members about legal, business, and political issues in the Pacific Rim countries, and to provide legal and social forums in which students and lawyers can interact. Today, the world is more interdependent than ever before as advances in technology facilitate the transfer of goods, money, ideas and cultures across national borders. This globalization has promoted the diversification of cultures in Vancouver as well as the extensive legal and business connections to countries along the Pacific Rim. The APLC was founded as a response to this increased demand for comprehensive social and cultural awareness in today’s legal and business environment.

That’s great, but why do I want to join?

One word: fun!

The ALPC hosts various events throughout the school year, including the annual Mentorship Dinner, which provides a rare opportunity for lawyers and students to socialize over dinner. In addition, we organize a series of Lunch Speaker Sessions throughout the school year, inviting lawyers to discuss interesting and relevant topics in relation to Asia Pacific Law. The APLC also hosted events and activities to promote general cultural awareness throughout the student body. For example, in 2013, students had fun receiving their lucky red envelopes (containing a sweet surprise) and learning about the traditions surrounding the Lunar New Year. We have also been able to provide students with a rare opportunity to learn about Japan, and to brush up on their Japanese, with Judge Sadaharu Kodama (Osaka District Court) and Judge Hiroyuki Minami (Saitama District Court).

Okay, I’m almost sold …

The Asia Pacific Law Club is a great resource for those interested in Asia-Pacific law. It is also an exciting forum for law students to meet lawyers, discuss career paths, and become informed about developments in law that affect, not only those interested in practicing law overseas, but also those interested in practicing law in Vancouver. We will be planning a lot of events this year, so keep an eye out for APLC announcements!

You can also join our distribution list by emailing aplcubc@gmail.com to keep up to date with our latest endeavors. Feel free to join our Facebook group, follow our Twitter, or check out our website!

Please stop by our table during Clubs Day and say Hi! We are looking forward to meeting you 🙂


Emsie Hung (2L)

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