Current graduate students

  • Rachel Bok (PhD Geography, 2016-present) The urban “solutions” industry
  • Max Cohen (PhD Geography, 2020-present; co-chair with Trevor Barnes) Figuring the Scottish economy
  • Albina Gibadullina (PhD Geography, 2020-present; co-chair with Elvin Wyly)
    Exploring financial ecosystems
  • Brandon Hillier (PhD Geography, 2021-present) Japan’s lost economy
  • Christopher Meulbroek (PhD Geography, 2020-present; co-chair with Jim Glassman)
    Geohistories of “development”
  • Mikael Omstedt (PhD Geography, 2016-present) Mapping the Fed
  • Rachel Phillips (PhD Geography, 2020-present) Law, economics, space
  • Prashant Rayaprolu (PhD Geography, 2020 present; co-chair with Jim Glassman) Varieties of platform capitalism
  • Lewis Page (MA, Science & Technology Studies, 2022-2023, co-chair with Jessica Wang) Neoliberals at the dawn of the nuclear age

Former graduate students

  • Mark Adams (PhD Geography, UW-Madison, 2006; co-chair with Tom Vale) Growth
    management in the American West
  • Peter Baker (PhD Geography, University of Manchester, 1998) Social exclusion and labour market restructuring in Burnley
  • Dan Cohen (PhD Geography, UBC, 2012-2017) Making education markets [currently
    Assistant Professor of Geography and Planning, Queen’s University]
  • Mark Cooper (PhD Geography, UW-Madison, 2007-2016; co-chair with Matthew Turner) Greenhouse economies [currently Assistant Professor of Geography, Human Ecology &
    Animal Science, University of California, Davis]
  • Liisa Cormode (PhD Geography, University of Manchester, 1996; co-chair with Peter
    Dicken) Highly skilled migrant workers in Canada [currently consultant]
  • Connor Donegan (Master’s Geography, UBC, 2013; co-chair with Trevor Barnes) Political economy of slavery [currently consultant, Quest Analytics]
  • Nina Ebner (PhD Geography, 2015-2021) Making difference at the US/Mexico border [currently postdoctoral researcher, Bernard and Audre Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice, UT-Austin]
  • Erin Hatton (PhD Sociology, UW-Madison, 2007; co-chair with Erik Olin Wright)
    Representing temporary labor [currently Associate Professor of Sociology, SUNY Buffalo]
  • Dean Herd (PhD Geography, University of Manchester, 2001) Welfare reform, workfare, and policy transfer [currently Policy Development Officer, City of Toronto]
  • Adam Holden (PhD Geography, University of Manchester, 1999; co-chair with Adam
    Tickell) Local hegemonic projects in the “new” Manchester [currently Impact Officer,
    University of Durham]
  • Tom Howard (Master’s Geography, UBC, 2015) Mobilizing sustainable development
    models in Calgary
  • Martin Jones (PhD Geography, University of Manchester, 1996) Local economic governance and Training and Enterprise Councils [currently Vice-Chancellor, Staffordshire University]
  • Kean Fan Lim (PhD Geography, UBC, 2009-2014; co-chair with Trevor Barnes) Chinese state spatialities [currently Senior Lecturer in Economic Geography and Urban and Regional Development, Newcastle University]
  • Dan Mansfield (PhD Geography, University of Manchester, 1999; co-chair with Adam Tickell) Restructuring public finance [currently Director, Public Services Advisory, Grant Thornton]
  • Chris Muellerleile (Master’s Geography, UW-Madison, 2007) Corporate and urban
    restructuring: the case of Boeing [currently Senior Lecturer in Economic Geography, Swansea
  • Brenda Parker (PhD Geography, UW-Madison, 2008) Feminist urban political economies [currently Associate Professor in Urban Planning, University of Illinois at Chicago]
  • Carolyn Prouse (PhD Geography, UBC, 2012-2017) Decolonial urbanisms in Brazil
    [currently Assistant Professor in Geography and Queen’s National Scholar, Queen’s University]
  • Noah Quastel (PhD Geography, UBC, 2008-2014) Sustainable commodities [currently
    Director, Law and Policy, BC Lung Association]
  • Stephen Quilley (PhD Sociology, University of Manchester, 1995; co-chair with Huw Beynon) Political economies of exclusion and inequality in Manchester [currently Associate Professor in Environmental & Social Innovation, University of Waterloo]
  • Elliot Siemiatycki (PhD Geography, UBC, 2013) Vancouver as consumption city [currently Director of Business Development, Lorica Cybersecurity]
  • Matthew Steigman (Master’s Geography, UW-Madison, 2008) Transnationalization and Mexican identities
  • Adam Tickell (PhD Geography, University of Manchester, 1992; co-chair with Peter Dicken) Regulation of banking and finance [currently Vice Chancellor, University of Birmingham]
  • Lea Turpin (Master’s Geography, UW-Madison, 2005) Latinization of the Dane County
    labor market [currently Project Manager, Applied Research Protocol]
  • Anthony Vigor (PhD Geography, University of Manchester, 2003; co-chair with Peter
    Dicken and Kevin Ward) Neoliberalizing the region [currently Director of Policy & External
    Affairs, National Express Group]
  • Kevin Ward (PhD Geography, University of Manchester, 1998; co-chair with Adam Tickell) Urban regimes and city governance in Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham [currently
    Professor of Geography, University of Manchester]
  • Daniel Warshawsky (Master’s Geography, UW-Madison, 2006) Urban welfare retrenchment in Chicago [currently Associate Professor, School of Public and International Affairs, Wright State University]
  • Sophie Webber (PhD Geography, UBC, 2015; Master’s Geography, UBC, 2011; co-chair with Simon Donner) Political economy of climate change adaptation [currently Lecturer, School of Geosciences, University of Sydney]

Postdoctoral researchers

  • Danya Fast (Michael Smith Foundation Fellowship, UBC, 2013-2017) “Street-involved” youth in Vancouver [currently Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, UBC]
  • Martin Danyluk (SSHRC Fellowship, 2017-2018) Supply-chain finance [currently Assistant Professor, School of Geography, University of Nottingham]
  • Martin Jones (Simon Fellowship, Manchester University, 1996-1998) Politics of workfare, UK-style [currently Vice-Chancellor, Staffordshire University]
  • Karen Peak Yue Lai (Killam Fellowship, UBC, 2008-2010) Making Asian markets [currently Associate Professor, Durham University]
  • Sébastien Rioux (SSHRC Fellowship, 2012-2014) Political economy of food [currently Canada Research Chair in the Political Economy of Food & Well-being and Associate
    Professor, Département de géographie, Université de Montréal]
  • David Wachsmuth (Killam and SSHRC Fellowships, 2014-2015) Sustaining smart cities [currently Canada Research Chair in Urban Governance and Associate Professor, School of Urban Planning, McGill University]
  • Heather Whiteside (SSHRC Fellowship, 2013-2015) Political economy of public-private partnerships [currently Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Waterloo]