Marks No Longer Necessary?

According to an article on, at the Whalton University, they have decided to not release business student’s grades when it comes to the students applying for jobs after graduation. Why? Simple; the school doesn’t want their selective reputation hurt. By not releasing their grades, the school keeps their reputation intact, and the students are being hired purely on the school they graduated from.

How does this affect you and me? As we are busting our butts, trying to study for midterms and finals, these kids can cruise through with a 65% average, and still get high paying jobs, purely from the school they came from. Is that fair at all? Definitely not. Hopefully employers begin to see the same way, and prefer students who can back up their Bcomm, rather then just hiding behind the letters.

So as we sit here, studying hard, and being jealous of these students, just remember. We are Sauder, we have the reputation too, but we can also justify our degree. It will be us the employers prefer, instead of people who “joyrided” their degree to the end.

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  1. Not totally against the idea. High marks do not necessarily mean good communication skills, proficient management skills and leadership abilities (especially in business schools). The internships, job placements, awards, volunteering, entrepreneurial and other extracurricular endeavors mean as significant if not a more important role as do marks. Keeping that in mind it would be an excellent idea for universities to conduct several graduation interviews to build the students profiles.

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