In August 2009, the UBC PharmD Program piloted the use of student e-Portfolios as a communication tool for rotation preceptors to be aware of the professional background of the students as well as a resource for students to communicate their learning and rotation goals with their up-coming preceptors.

ePortfolios have been adopted by a number of experiential training programs in North America and have been proven useful to health professionals as a means to promote reflection, track their learning, and as a an online resume or CV.

The UBC PharmD Program will require that all students develop their e-Portfolio prior to the commencement of their second year in the program (rotations) and maintain it throughout the second year. The URL of the students’ e-Portfolio will be provided by the Clinical Coordinator to each corresponding rotation preceptor prior to the start of the rotation, for the preceptor to consider viewing and taking into account its contents in the planning and during the development of the rotation. It is anticipated that the e-Portfolios will o foster discussion between the student and the preceptor prior to the rotation about what the resident has already experienced and what rotation-specific objectives should be established as well as a means for preceptors to tailor rotations to best address student learning needs.

The student e-Portfolio will be required to contain the following elements:

–       A list of personal overall goals and objectives

–       A list of rotations completed to-date

–       A list of personal goals and objectives for each rotation

–       An up-to-date CV

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