Next week’s Pre-readings

Here are the potential topics you may choose from if you are submitting an LO9 on Sunday March 22, 2015.

  • Double slit experiment
  • Thin film interference
  • Michelson interferometer

Week 9 (LO9) Featured

Title: Young’s Double Slit Experiment

Category: Double slit experiment

Summary: This learning object summarizes the details of Young’s double slit interference as well as goes over some calculations to determine when fringes occur. I chose to use Powerpoint.

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Title: Thin Film Interference

Category: Thin film interference

Summary: This Learning Object explains why thin film interference occurs, as well as how to use the relevant equations.

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Title: Thin-film Interference

Category: — select a submission-category —

Summary: This Learning Object walks you through the concept of thin-film interference with the basics, some definitions, a video and an example!

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Title: Michelson Interferometers Explained

Category: Michelson interferometer

Summary: An presentation of how Michelson interferometers work, using diagrams and explanations.

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Summary: In this powerpoint, I attempt to clarify the math behind Double-slit interference, while also highlighting the history of the concept and how it is utilized today.

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