Open-educational resources (OER)

A while ago, I looked for a way to integrate all course resources in one place. In particular, I was unhappy with how pre-class reading assignments, lecture materials and homework were presented to the students in different places. Long story short, UBC’s adoption of edge.edX allowed me to build a customized, fully integrated course resource, based on the openstax physics textbooks. These resources contain everything students need for my courses for free: reading, lecture materials, homework. I followed the design principle of a HybridEd course (per MIT’s definition), where I am doing interactive lectures in person that are supported by a standalone online course.

With the help of colleagues and grad students, I have built three OER lecture courses and one online lab course. I am currently working on a fourth course. All courses are publicly available here:

The only additional things I am using in class are my lecture notes that contain introductions and follow-ups on the lecture questions on edX and a discussion forum (Piazza).


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