My PhD research is funded by the Geological Survey of Canada TGI-4 Intrusion Related Mineralization Project. The intent of my project is to characterize the structural and temporal mechanism through which a zone control the intrusion of magma in the upper crust. My Msc research was funded by the Canadian Mining Innovation Council Footprint project and the Ministère des Ressources Naturelles du Québec. I quantified the pressure, temperature and the age of the regional metamorphism of the Pontiac Subprovince. My results directly impact the interpretation of the genesis of the Canadian Malartic gold deposit. Here are my most recent contributions:

  • Piette-Lauzière, N., Larson, K.P., Kellett, D.A. (In Press) Field mapping of the Eastern Highlands shear zone, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia; in Targeted Geoscience Initiative – 2017 Report of Activities, (ed.) N. Rogers; Geological Survey of Canada.
  • Gaillard, N., Clark, J.R., Guilmette, C., Linnen, R., Lypaczewski, P., Perrouty, S., Piette-Lauzière, N., Williams-Jones, A. E., and Salvi, S. (Submitted 2017/08/20) Mica composition as a vector to gold mineralization: Deciphering hydrothermal and metamorphic effects in the Malartic District, Québec. Ore Geology Reviews. 44p.
  • Piette-Lauzière, N., Guilmette, C., and Pilote, P. (2017) Pétrologie métamorphique et géologie structurale du nord-est de la Sous-province de Pontiac : interprétations préliminaires. Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources Naturelles. 49p.
  • Perrouty, S., Gaillard, N., Piette-Lauzière, N., Mir, R., Bardoux, M., Olivo, G. R., Linnen, R. L., Bérubé, C. L.,  Lypaczewski, P., Guilmette, C., Feltrin, L., and Morris, W. A. (2017) Structural setting for Canadian Malartic style of gold mineralization in the Pontiac Subprovince, south of the Cadillac Larder Lake Deformation Zone, Québec, Canada. Ore Geology Reviews. 84: 185-201.