I am currently in my final year of my philosophy undergraduate degree, on track to complete a four-year program in three years. My decision to pursue a philosophy major was rooted in my interest in ethics, debate, and an unwillingness to accept things at face value. I love to think critically, logically, and to explore arguments creatively through writing. Member of Golden Key International Honour Society (in the top 15% of sophomores at my university) and consistently on the Dean’s List each year. Attending the University of British Columbia allowed me to explore multiple different subjects even after declaring my major, something for which I am extremely grateful. My sociology classes supplemented my philosophical knowledge by lending me an intersectional approach to ethics, particularly by giving me information¬†concerning what motivates sexism¬†and racism; two issues which have always troubled me greatly. Upon completing my degree, I will probably pursue a second degree; whether in law, computer science, or economics, I have not yet decided.



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