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Hi everyone!

My name is Regina and I’m from Coquitlam. Yes, it is a long commute, thanks for asking. I was born in Kyrgyzstan (I bet that none of you know where that is), and moved to Canada when I was two, but the majority of my family resides in Europe. Let’s see, I chose ArtsOne for a number of reasons, one being it was very convenient when I was creating a work list. I love to read, and I am normally found slacking off on my other responsibilities because of this addiction. I also enjoy drawing portraits of unsuspecting family members, who always laugh when they see the finished product. I love painting, although I am not good at it, and used to play the piano until I realized how tremendously time consuming it was. I bake. A lot. As in too much. I never actually end up eating it all. My friends adore this about me, especially when I bake them birthday cakes.

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