rewilding kits

Rewilding kits include seeds, materials, and instructions for greening your own space. Our kits promote Vancouver’s love for diversity; they support biodiversity and are created for a diverse range of spaces and skill sets. The boxes will be designed to fit your home’s specific microclimate.

In a dense urban landscape such as Vancouver, large farms and garden plots are a scarce commodity. Our Rewilding Kits will allow everyone to grow plants in already-existing spaces: their homes. The City of Vancouver aims to attain a lighter footprint (GCAP goal #10) by increasing the number of people empowered to take action. We aim to engage Vancouverites so that more of them can take the City’s goals into their own hands and homes. Our kits will be designed to overcome barriers that could prevent many residents from gardening and make it accessible to everyone regardless of housing type and gardening experience. Due to limited space and a need to build upwards, a large percentage of Vancouver residents live in apartments and don’t have access to backyards. Our balcony and windowsill boxes would still allow apartment or basement dwelling Vancouverites to create their own green spaces, thus collectively co-creating a Greener City.