Supports for SALA Students

The EDI Committee supports students at SALA. This page is a place for sharing resources and helping students navigate the supports available at UBC.

Who can help me? A Decision Tree

Decision Tree – A map for finding student support

UBC students are often told there are resources to support them in their learning and the issues they may be experiencing. But UBC is big and complex, and sometimes finding the resource you need is near impossible. After hearing so many SALA students frustrated and unable to find what they need, even when it does exist, we created this Decision Tree to help match the resource to the problem.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or want to report any incident/concern anonymously this tool can help you find the right steps to take. It is a first draft, so we welcome any feedback or sources that you think might be missing.

Decision Tree, Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration (

Other sources

SALA’s main page for health and wellbeing support and resources:

The Alma Mater Society is the UBC student union. They have a great list of anti-racism resources here:

Another good source from Applied Science Engineering for information on mistreatment, including non-academic misconduct you may have experienced or be accused of:

UBC’s Zoology Department has a complicated but thorough diagram of what to do when you’ve experienced harassment, discrimination, or bullying (that includes microaggressions, sexual misconduct, bias, and racism):

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