How do you feel about a burger?

This is clearly an ad for a McDonald’s Big Mac. The advertisers are hoping that their branded “Big Mac” is enough information for people to know that it is McDonald’s as they have not put any other information on their other than the golden arches. The “problem” with this ad is that it assumes that everyone wants a Big Mac and that it is a tasty option. The picture itself has a fluffy bun, nice crisp lettuce, two clear and decent meat patties and just the right amount of sauce that will keep the burger from being dry without being too messy. It is also sitting on a red background which could suggest that it is part of burger royalty. These are great qualities in a burger, if that burger is what you wanted. What if you are a salad fan? What if you are a vegetarian? This ad does not take into account the different kinds of people that will see it every day. It also appears to forget that McDonald’s also sells salads.

On a darker note, it also appears to be assuming that everyone who is eating a salad is on a diet or has health problems. If you want something other than the salad you ordered you would presumably get it, unless you had some diet restrictions. This could be because of the information crowding websites and other information hubs that say that Canada and the U.S.A. have some of the most obese people in the world; McDonald’s has decided to use this to their advertising advantage. Whatever the reasoning behind it, this ad appears to be either misinformed or passing judgement.

Unfortunately, for many people, eating at McDonald’s is more like a means to an end rather than a filling meal. While the Big Mac may have been a filling source of protein when it first came out, now it is more like a laxative. The outcome can be that the meat is thin and cold, the lettuce is no longer crisp, the sauce is either non-existent or taking over and the bun is soggy; you may be lucky and get a picture perfect burger. Once the burger is consumed you might get a solid hour of feeling relatively full before you need that salad, or your body might decide that it needs to purge. Instead of spending money taunting people who are not able to eat the burger they should be trying to return the Big Mac to what it once was.

Being as this burger works more as a laxative than a meal, this could be construed as false and even harmful advertising. As this burger moves quickly through the consumer, a body might not get all of the nutrients that a person thinks they are getting. If a food item moves too quickly through a body it can be hard for that body to collect anything of value and the quick movement might release some things that the body should be holding onto. Rather than being something that a salad eater wishes for, it could be the reason that many people need the diet or have health problems in the first place.

Perhaps it would be better for everyone to just choose the salad.