Cause we all want to know why they are all naked.

Ok so first off I will say I know this isn’t my week to blog but since I am stuck doing one about Hobbes so Imma do this one too.

If I didn’t make it clear during the lecture I want everyone to know that I LOVED THIS READING. I thought it was clearly the best choice so far…sorry Judith…and really kept me involved in the story.

I also felt like i kinda bossed the lecture cause I finally was able to speak my opinion without inferring a sexual relationship between myself and pastries. I found it interesting when someone said that they found part 1 harder than part 2, whereas I had a complete opposite reaction. I found the section with Margarita slightly boring and not gripping whereas “book 1” was just spectacular.

My favorite element was the Pontius part and I wish that had been extended slightly, but c’est la vie! also i was hoping that Hopeless was going to be a larger character.

Now to the nakedness…even I will be WTF…maybe my thought about the women representing Eve (thus Woland needing them was right) – I may be a genius there! but still it made no sense, it was sorta objectifying woman and was shock for the sake of shock..although Natasha was beast!

That’s all imma say…

Hobbes is next..stay tuned for a rant


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