Let’s Talk about Dicks Baby

So here is the post we have all been waiting for, Freud’s Dora!

To begin; Penis, Dick, Cock, Member, Organ, Lollipop, disco stick, Anaconda, Black mamba, manhood, Baby Maker, Second head, Bald Eagle, woody, Cattle prod, dong, schlong etc.

Now that we got that out of the way, i can continue on with my blog post.

I think that everyone in general was very excited to read this analysis because A) it’s Freud so you know it will be weird and awesome. B) It is written quote well and C) it isn’t Hobbes. I know that Freud has been a name that i have heard thrown around alot but i have never read any of his stuff so I was so interested to dive into the screwed mind of the man who created the Oedipus complex.

First off I have to say that I am of two minds about Freud. On one hand I applaud his fearless pursuit of theories during a period which stigmatized so much BUT after reading the analysis all I could think about was that he seemed to berate and lead Dora in his questioning to get to the answers that HE wanted. it seems to me that Freud was so stuck in his own theories of what the psyche was, that he could not see clearly that maybe sucking your thumb doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to perform fellatio.

One element of this text that i thoroughly loved was the characterization of all the characters. At times i felt that like I was reading a romanticism era novel. It truly was as cryptic and full or twists as Frakenstein or its contemporaries.

Did anyone else find Freud to be very egocentric throughout is analysis of Dora. When he deduced that Dora wanted “to have a kiss from me [Freud]” because upon waking up from the dream she smelt smoke. LIKE CUT ME A BREAK. It sounds to me that Freud was developing feelings for the patient and needed to rationalize it.

I also loved how Dora was not afraid to talk back. She seemed reluctant to speak and through it, we came to understand who she was more and more.

I was also so happy that in the end she ended up happy and married and pretty much said “fuck you” to Freud.

So yeah. Freud is messed up,  but awesome and apparently if anyone gives someone a jewelry box, it means they want to get freaky!


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