Campus Bat Walk

Getting to Know Our Nocturnal Neighbours

Come learn about our nocturnal neighbours – bats! This walk is co-hosted by the Mitchell Multifunctional Landscape Lab (M2L2 Lab) and SEEDS Sustainability Program and will provide an introduction to bat biology and behaviour, the different bat species that live in and around Vancouver, and their importance to ecosystems and people. We will visit a nearby bat roost to observe bats emerge for the night, and will use ultrasonic microphones to listen for bat calls.

Attendees will also visit a bat box, recently installed through a student-led applied research collaboration with UBC faculty and staff through the SEEDS Sustainability Program, and learn about student research into human-bat coexistence.

We will not be handling bats at this event, rather observing them and listening to their ultrasonic calls. Please note this event is not located on the UBC Farm – see location below!

Event Details

Important Note

This event will happen outside and at night so dress appropriately for the weather and bring appropriate equipment (weather appropriate clothing, headlamp or flashlight, lightweight foldable chair optional). In the case of rain or poor weather, the event will be cancelled.


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