Measuring Target Market Behaviour: Content Relevance

One fine day, you post a video of your new line of product on your website/facebook page. Thousands “like” it, and number of them comment on it and hundreds share it. This was just another day and you happened to think how good your e-marketing efforts have been  in connecting with the desired audience. How would you do it?

Laura Patterson, in her book,Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance Driven Marketing Organization talks about a simple 3-step procedure for measuring how relevant your posted content is. The procedure goes as follows:

1. Count the number of every single piece of content you posted this week. If you posted the same video on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, count it as 3 and not 1.

2. Count the total number of interactions, like shares, comments, re-posts, likes etc. (for all the content) from your target market. For this, you’ll have to define your target market clearly beforehand.

3. Divide the interactions by the number of contents posted ( that is 2 by 1). This will give you the relevancy measure.

Please note that relevancy is different from response rate.

A number of researches explain and establish the relationship between relevancy measure and intended customer behaviour. The author furthermore talks about the importance of analytics in this respect. Collecting such data over a period of time, a pattern can be identified in the target market. You can increase sales, engage in conversations or practically whatever your objective is by posting “the” relevant content. Also, Relevancy is a better measure as compared to response rate as it takes into account all the instances of interactions with the intended customer base. As Laura Patterson correctly mentions , by tracking relevancy, you will not only be able to set benchmarks and performance targets for your content but can also build a model for content relevancy for intended behaviour.


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