Hey everyone!

This is actually more awkward than I expected; I’m sitting here just typing and backspacing. Anyway, I suppose I ought to just dive right in. Most of you know me from our seminars and if you don’t you probably need hearing aids because I’m both loud and talkative as I’m sure no one has failed to notice. What you may not know about me yet is that I’m wholly invested in the arts, be they linguistics, humanities, social sciences, creative arts or performing arts. I love literature, psychology and philosophy (probably why I’m in Arts One, really). I’m an artist and a writer which is the reason I chose Seeing and Knowing. I also enjoy acting, singing, drawing and digital rendering.

If you’re already bored, feel free to go on your merry way; I won’t begrudge you, I haven’t had the time to read anyone else’s introduction yet either. Let’s see…what else? I’m multilingual – I speak English (well duh), Hindi and French. If you speak French, hit me up; mine’s not that great and I’m really looking to improve my oral skills and keep it up in university even though I’m not taking any courses in it.

I guess I’ll finish this off by saying that I’m really enjoying this course and that I’m glad I chose this standardized time table. I love our discussions because I get to hear everyone’s opinions. I sincerely believe we all have something interesting and important to say and it’s rewarding to oneself to understand a single theme from multiple perspectives. On that note, I’ll see you all in class!