The Signature Pedagogies Workshop is part of a major TLEF funded project in Arts aimed at enhancing educational outcomes for UBC Arts students to help them be more successful during their university experience and in their career and professional pursuits after graduation.

The TLEF project, “Educational and Career Outcomes for UBC Arts Students: Towards a New Paradigm,” seeks to ensure that students graduate feeling empowered about their futures, clear on the potential of their degrees, and confident about their transition out of university.

Key to students’ sense of empowerment is their ability to understand and articulate learning from their disciplines to audiences outside of the university, including family, potential employers, and graduate or professional schools. When faculty members go beyond teaching content, to an intentional acknowledgement of the psychomotor and affective domains of learning that underpin their teaching, students are able to understand their learning in deeper ways that can profoundly impact their sense of themselves and their abilities.