Want to Work in Canada as an International Student?

Before you can begin working, you need to be eligible to work in Canada and get a Social Insurance Number (SIN) from Service Canada, a Canadian government department. 

How do I get a SIN?

Service Canada will be on-campus to issue SINs on the spot exclusively for UBC  Vancouver students! 

When: August 27-29, September 4, 6, 10, 12, 20199:30am-4pm 

How: Attend an in-person SIN clinic appointment 

Where: UBC Life BuildingRoom 1505 (around the corner from Subway) 

Cost: Free 


Your study permit must have a condition stating you ‘may work’ or ‘may accept employment’. This will be required to process your SIN at your appointment. Ensure your study permit includes these conditions when arriving in Canada

If your study permit does not include any conditions to work or states you cannot work, you will need to change conditions or amend your study permit. 

Canadian citizens and permanent residents are also welcome to attend – be sure to bring appropriate documents.   

How do I register for a SIN clinic appointment? 

  1. Go to the registration portal
  2. Read the privacy notice and proceed, if you agree. If you do not agree, call 604-822-5021 for assistance.
  3. Register for an account (keep email preferences selected ‘yes’)
  4. Select the ‘SIN Clinic (Winter T1 2019)’ schedule and login
  5. Click on an available timthat works for your schedule then a pop-up window will appear to create an appointment (keep the ’email client’ box checked)
  6. After registering, you will receive an email notification confirming your appointment 
  7. Ensure you show up 5 minutes before your reserved 30-minute time block. There will be other students registered in the same timblock and you will be served on a first-come first-served basis. 

By registering, you are authorizing UBC to provide your first and last name to Service Canada staff. This information will be used for the purposes of appointment booking and check-in for the SIN Clinic being run winter 2019 only. 

What do I need to bring to my appointment? 

  1. Your original study permit which states you ‘may work’ or ‘may accept employment’ 
  2. Your original passport 

What if I need to cancel my appointment? 

You can cancel your appointment online by logging in to youronline account. After canceling you may book another time. 

Please cancel as soon as you know and before your appointment; this will allow another student to register. 

No more appointments available? 

Please check availability again in the future as students may cancel. If you cannot secure an appointment, not to worry. You can go to your nearestService Canada office. 


Please contact International Student Advising