Who We Are

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Elic Chan


Sojourners Vol. 16 (2023-2024) Editing Team


Lindsey Eiwanger

Lindsey is a fourth-year Sociology major and English Language minor. She is thrilled for the opportunity to grow personally and professionally and connect with the UBC Sociology community through her position as Co-Editor-in-Chief. This is Lindsey’s third year contributing to the annual Sojourners publication. She is excited to collaborate with this year’s team of brilliant editors and authors to create Volume 16. Lindsey appreciates how Sojourners provides a valuable space for students to gain insight into the process of academic journal publication while highlighting unique student voices and perspectives. Her research interests include work and labour inequality, intersectionality, and Indigenous rights and issues. Outside of Sociology, Lindsey is an avid brunch enthusiast who loves spin, yoga, reading, and long walks.

                                                 Manjot Mangat                                                 

Manjot is a fourth-year Honours Sociology major with a minor in Family Studies. She feels incredibly honoured to have been appointed as Co-Editor-in-Chief. This marks her second year contributing to the journal, and she is excited to collaborate with such an exceptional team of editors and authors. She deeply values the role of this journal in providing a valuable platform for the scholarly community, particularly for undergraduate students, to advance their research interests. Manjot’s own research interests include social inequality, race, ethnicity, and gender. Specifically, she is committed to exploring the intricate interplay of these components in shaping multifaceted experiences within environments of privilege and oppression for various groups and individuals. Outside of Sociology, Manjot enjoys watching films, collecting vinyl records, exploring different cafes, and visiting arcades!

Associate Editors

   Martina Atanackovic

Martina is in her fourth year at UBC, majoring in Sociology and minoring in History. Her research interests lie in urban Sociology and the surrounding themes of human ecology and community resource development. This marks her second year as an associate editor at Sojourners, and she is thrilled to engage with incredible undergraduate Sociological research for yet another year! She is looking forward to working amongst her fellow editors and authors in the literary review process. In her free time, Martina enjoys adventuring in B.C. and exploring Vancouver’s local art and music scene.

Julia Dhillon

Julia is a fourth-year student double-majoring in honours sociology and political science. Their academic interests pertain to analyzing how imperialist white supremacist capitalist cisheteropatriarchy manifests within political contexts. Congruently, they love reading sociopolitical theory—with some of their favourite theorists being Chandra Mohanty, Sylvia Federici, and Frantz Fanon. Julia is excited to collaborate with peers while simultaneously gaining insight into the academic publishing process as an Associate Editor with Sojourners. In their spare time, you can usually find Julia playing their electric guitar, planning out their next tattoo, or hyperfixating on something.

Gabrielle Abando

Gabrielle is in her final year at UBC completing her Honour’s degree in Sociology and minoring in Psychology. Gabrielle’s research interests lie in Filipino postcolonial psychology and urban and community sociology and its intersections with immigrant and racialized folks’ experiences with a special focus on the Filipino-Canadian community. Her current honours thesis project centres around the Joyce-Collingwood neighbourhood and it’s role in maintaining and cultivating the local Filipino-Canadian community. As a teaching assistant and future graduate student, Gabrielle is eager and honoured to be a part of a team providing UBC’s undergraduate students the unique opportunity to have their work published. When she’s not studying, she can be found people-watching, gaming, at the movies, watching anime, and thrifting.

Adrienne Juan

Adrienne is a 4th year student majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology. She is particularly interested in research topics that include racial and feminist intersectionality and social media. As Adrienne’s second year on the Sojourner’s Team, she is excited for the opportunity to directly engage and be part of the journey of these future research sociologists. Adrienne hopes that this publication will encourage more undergraduate students to participate in research opportunities and gain a more sociological perspective on society. Outside of school and work, Adrienne is exceedingly interested in sustainable fashion and spends a lot of her free time crocheting her own pieces and thrifting. Adrienne is elated for her position back as an Editor and is excited to work with the Sojourners team and all the researchers!

Lauren Klarich

Lauren is in her fourth and final year at UBC, completing a major in Sociology with a minor in Anthropology. Her research interests vary widely but include issues of sexuality and gender norms, as well as the way crime and deviance function in society. She is very excited to learn and collaborate with fellow peers regarding a variety of sociological topics as she believes that seeking out differing perspectives is vital for developing in academia. In her spare time, she loves to bake, play video games, and listen to her favourite playlists.

Rowen Francisco

Rowen is a third year Sociology major and GRSJ minor at UBC. They are excited to join the Sojourners team this year as an associate editor and collaborate with other students passionate about Sociology and the production of this journal. Within Sociology, their research interests centre around gender, sexuality, consumption, and social inequality. Currently, they are particularly interested in critical heterosexuality studies and exploring how these dominant discourses shape socialization and social relations. In their free time, Rowen is an artist and an avid reader. They particularly enjoy painting with oils and sculpting with clay. They look forward to working with the Sojourners team this semester to publish some wonderful research and writing done by other undergraduate students!

Mary Jim-Akaya

Mary is a fourth year Sociology major at UBC. Her research interests include, but are not limited to, race, ethnic & social inequalities plus gender relations. Particularly, she is interested in seeing how these different facets of identity intersect to create unique axes of lived experience and how as a society we can mitigate the present gaps. Outside of the world of academia, Mary is passionate about being creative. She spends most of her time singing, acting, and writing. She believes that her background in the arts influence how she approaches sociology and vice versa. It is Mary’s first year on the Sojourner’s Editing Team and she is excited to work with such amazing people and curate a body of work that will outlive her time at UBC!

 Flora Mendes 

Flora is in her final year at UBC, majoring in Sociology. This is her second time as an Associate Editor for Sojourners, and she is thrilled to collaborate with an exceptional editorial team to support a new cohort of talented undergraduate research authors. Flora’s research outlook emphasizes a theoretical approach to social inquiry, with particular research interests in economic sociology, family studies, and globalization. After graduating from UBC this spring, Flora plans to pursue law school and is currently in the process of studying for her LSAT exam. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her dog, crocheting, traveling, and trying new and exciting foods.

 Rohil Sharma

As a returning associate editor for Sojourners, Rohil is excited to promote student scholarship in the field of sociology at UBC. Through publication, he is eager to work with his peers and create avenues for students to partake in dialogues typically reserved for those further along in their academic journeys. Rohil is currently in his fourth year at UBC, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Law and Society. His research interests include the sociology of law, human rights, correctional systems, and the use of artificial intelligence for surveillance and predictive policing. Outside of sociology, Rohil is an avid film viewer, record collector, and black coffee drinker.

Junior Editors

Spencer Izen

Spencer Izen (he/him) is a second-year student studying information, sociology, and political science. He is a social scientist with the B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, where he researches the social, legal, and technical infrastructures of freedom of information across the province. Spencer is an affiliate at the Center for Information, Technology & Public Life at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Secrecy, Power, and Ignorance (SPIN) Research Network based jointly at the GW4 alliance universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, and Exeter in the United Kingdom. He also serves as a junior editor for the UBC Journal of Political Studies as well as the opinion editor for The Ubyssey, and was previously a research fellow with the Library Futures Institute in the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy at New York University. He co-drafted the first student press protection law in Canada, for which he and his campaign partner were honoured as the Co-Champions of Free Expression for 2023 and nominated for the Peter Bryce Prize for Whistleblowing.

Miyu Nakayama 

Miyu Nakayama (she/her) is a 3rd year student majoring in Sociology. Her academic interests revolve around migration/immigration, whether it be from the perspective of citizenship and nation/ethnicity, identity and belonging, or policies of acceptance and social inclusion. By  joining the Sojourners editorial team, she hopes to deepen her involvement in the undergraduate sociology community and also gain insights into the process of crafting and finalizing academic research. Beyond her pursuits in Sociology, Miyu enjoys engaging in lively conversations with friends, exploring new cuisines, and indulging in her passion for dancing and singing to musical numbers.

Constance Lau

Constance is a second-year Sociology major and Political Science minor. She is excited to be Junior Editor this year, collaborating with fellow editors and authors to publish Volume 16! Constance appreciates how Sojourners provides an incredible opportunity for her to contribute to the Sociology community at UBC and highlight outstanding student research. Her academic interests lie in the Sociology of Gender, specifically pertaining to the constructions of femininity and masculinity that operate within heteronormative social structures. Outside of Sociology, you can usually find her listening to music, reading, or baking desserts. She looks forward to working with the amazing editorial team and reading this year’s submissions!