Yesterday, Canadian Atlantic Lobster announced on its Facebook page that MP Shea for Egmont is suggesting a boat quota to be implemented in the East Coast Lobster fishery. The good news is that Shea is suggesting that the “discussion should be industry driven” rather than a policy set in isolation of industry. In my recent […]

For some fisheries, such as the North Pacific halibut fishery, there is considerable contention about how the non-aboriginal share of the TAC should be allocated between the commercial and the recreational fishery. From the viewpoint of remote communities, the recreational fishery offers many economic benefits that the commercial fishery does not. Because the commercial fishery […]

The East Coast lobster fishers are dealing with an increased seasonal supply which has caused prices to drop; prices are as low as $3. Fishers “race to fish” because there is no cooperation among them to regulate how much should be caught and who should catch this amount. Unlike the Ground Fish fishery, the lobster […]

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