Get Inspired to Take Action

Are you on the fence about getting involved in student leadership positions?

Here is some advice and guidance from your student leaders.

“Take the plunge! I studied at UBC for my undergrad, and while I was always interested in getting involved in student government, I was unsure of how to do so and whether it would be a welcoming environment. But I have been involved since I started my law degree, and not only is it definitely worth it but there are lots of people who will give you advice and encourage you to be involved. If you reach out to people currently engaged, I am sure your questions will be well received. Your time at UBC is limited, so get involved as soon as you can!” – Sebastian Cooper, Law Senator 21/22

“You are never alone. Collaboration between student leaders is key to sending a strong message of what you want to accomplish. The work you do as a student leader is voluntary, do not forget that! As such, work-life balance is important, don’t let the politics that are involved in your position consume or take over your day-to-day. We are all here to advocate and help out the students we represent, there is strength in solidarity with your fellow student colleagues!” – Emmanuel Cantiller, Arts Senator 21/22

“Don’t hesitate to take the opportunity to be a student leader on campus! It can provide you with more opportunities and that will lead you down a pathway of fulfillment! Don’t be afraid to speak up and bring your perspectives and idea to the table, no matter how you feel!” – Shaktiraj K Kandola, Eduction Senator 21/22

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