Articles, Chapters & Proceedings

Articles & Proceedings (Selected)

Feng, F. & Petrina, S. The flesh is willing but the spirit is weak. In S. Petrina & F. Feng (Eds.). Technology, Religion, Spirituality & the Sacred. 30 pp.

Petrina, S. & Feng, F. (2006). On techno-theology and the sacred: Exploring technology and spirituality. In H. Middleton (Ed.), Proceedings of the 4th Biennial International Conference on Technology Education Research (pp. 337-349). Brisbane, QLD: Griffith University.

Feng, F. (2002). Sublime Witnessing. In K. Meyer et al. (Eds.), Walljamming: A project of reimagining educational community. Educational Insights, 7(1).

Feng, F. (2001). Etude in green minor: on expanding ethics, of being, wholeness, sentience and compassion. In B. Hocking, J. Haskell, & W. Linds (Eds.), Unfolding bodymind: exploring possibility through education (pp. 232-251). Brandon, VT: Foundation for Educational Renewal.

Doll, W., E., Feng, F., & Petrina, S. (2001). The Object(s) of Culture: Bruno Latour and the Relationship between science and culture. In J. A. Weaver & P. M. Appelbaum & M. Morris (Eds.), (Post) modern science (education): propositions and alternative paths (pp. 25-39). New York: Peter Lang.

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