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TEFA Interview Findings on SOGI Inclusion

This podcast, created by Kedrick James, is an abridged compilation of the interviews conducted as a part of the Teacher Education for All Podcast series. This podcast addresses the inclusion of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) in UBC’s Bachelor of Education Program and looks specifically at the role of informal discussion, language use, and integration of SOGI across the curriculum. These interviews were conducted in 2017-2018 as a part of the TEFA curriculum mapping research study and in it you will hear the voices of Education faculty and staff involved in the creation and delivery of teacher education at UBC. Contributors include (in alphabetical order) Rod Brown, Wendy Carr, Shawna Faber, Derek Gladwin, Mona Gleason, Annette Henry, Lisa Loutzenheiser, Lori MacIntosh, Marianne McTavish, Amy Metcalfe, Steve Mulligan, Kerry Renwick, Leslie Roman, Sandra Scott, and John Yamamoto.

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