Terms of Service

Appropriate Use

Users of a UBC website are expected to abide by the University’s Appropriate Use of Technology Policy. In particular users must “respect the rights of others by complying with all University policies regarding sexual, racial and other forms of harassment, and by preserving the privacy of personal data to which you have access.” Commercial use and advertising is also not permitted in most instances. Weblog administrators reserve the right to revoke accounts and remove materials that do not conform to these guidelines. You can read more about this in our Appropriate Use of Technology section on the CTLT site. Streaming uploaded media such as video or audio content is not appropriate use of UBC Blogs.

Security and Storage

UBC Blogs has taken a number of measures to secure and safeguard content posted online. However, users are encouraged to make back-up copies of materials of their own. It is our intention to support user websites for as long as the project continues (no end date has been specified as yet) — though for obvious reasons we cannot promise eternal access to this service. If the project is terminated, we will work with users to migrate their work to a new environment.

Ownership and Related Rights

All copyright and related rights to original work posted on a UBC Blogs is owned by and is the sole responsibility of its author(s). Website administrators will never claim ownership over users’ materials. A user may choose to license the content of his or her website through a Creative Commons license. More information on Creative Commons licenses is available through the Creative Commons website.


Websites will be listed in a UBC Blogs directory unless users specify otherwise to the site administrators. No personal information about UBC Blogs users will be distributed via this directory, only the name of the website and a link will be provided. Users may choose to opt out of the directory listing at any time by contacting the administrators.

By participating in such a public community, users should be also aware that they may be written about on other blogs or in other publications.

UBC Blogs Online Privacy Statement

Your privacy as a user of the UBC Blogs (https://blogs.ubc.ca), is important to us.

Maintenance of the UBC Blogs is provided by the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT), a division of The University of British Columbia (UBC). Support of users of the UBC Blogs is provided by CTLT.

UBC supports the protection of privacy and the freedom of information throughout campus in accordance with UBC Policies #118: Records Management, and #106: Access to and Security of Administrative Information Systems and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act R.S.B.C. 1996 c. 165.

When you visit the UBC Blogs a limited amount of information essential for the operation and security of the site is automatically collected. The collected information is used for the following purposes:

  • Monitoring network traffic
  • Creating visit and participation logs
  • Storing and retrieving cookies
  • Collecting user responses (voluntary feedback)

Personal information provided on the UBC Blogs is collected pursuant to section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c.165.

UBC will not disclose personal user information unless permitted by law.

For further information on Freedom of Information and UBC, please contact the Freedom of Information Coordinator by e-mail at privacy.and.access@ubc.ca

Monitoring Network Traffic

To ensure consistent service and security for UBC Blogs users, IT Services and/or CTLT monitors the site’s server 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The various software programs used to monitor network traffic, check for computer viruses, monitor network performance and ensure network security may detect the following visitor information:

  • IP address and/or domain name
  • Browser name and version
  • Operating system
  • Requested pages
  • Referring URL
  • User ID

The information is used for systems administration as well as for compiling aggregate information that allows CTLT to assess the number of site visits, average time spent on the site, number of users online and number of pages accessed.

Login Security (Secure Socket Layer)

IT Services is committed to securing your personal information with current security technology. Data resides in a database behind a firewall where it cannot be accessed without proper authorization. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology encrypts your personal login password information as it is transmitted over the Internet. To maintain your security on this site, you should keep your user name, password, and other personal-identifying information confidential.

Creating UBC Blogs Visit and Participation Logs

Information that is collected through the website is used for the operations of the UBC Blogs.

Storing and Retrieving Cookies

Cookies are small files generated by a web site and stored in the visitor’s computer. When the visitor returns to the site, the server can retrieve the information stored in the cookie. Cookies cannot be read by a web site other than the one that set the cookie.

UBC Blogs uses cookies to spare users from having to re-enter information. Most cookies last through a single session or visit. No cookie will contain information that will enable anyone to contact you via telephone or e-mail.

If you prefer not to receive cookies, you may turn them off in your browser, or set your browser to ask you before accepting a new cookie. Some pages may not function properly if the cookies are turned off.

Collecting UBC Blogs User Responses

In the course of using the UBC Blogs, you may choose to provide CTLT with information to respond to your requests. For example, you may submit a web-based form to request support or assistance in creating a weblog. Any information provided by you will be addressed by the appropriate CTLT staff to respond to the request.

The UBC Blogs contains many external web site links. CTLT does not control or monitor these external Web site links and will not be held responsible for course content or additional external site resources. External web site links are not bound by the UBC Blogs Online Privacy Policy.

UBC reserves the right to amend this online privacy policy at anytime without notice.

By using the UBC Blogs web site, users agree to abide by the guidelines for responsible use of the University’s Information Technology Services with respect to the University of British Columbia’s Responsible Use of Information Technology Facilities and Services Policy #104.

By using the UBC Blogs, users agree to abide by the guidelines for use and access of Administrative Systems and Administrative Data with respect to the University of British Columbia’s Access to and Security of Administrative Information Systems Policy #106.

When you create an account on this service, your name and email address will be collected from your CWL and attached to your WordPress account. You are able to edit your WordPress account (which will not impact your CWL data) from https://blogs.ubc.ca/wp-admin/profile.php. Your name – as shown on your profile – may be publicly available on sites upon which you create any content. You are free to remove your name from your profile should you wish.

Please do not collect any Personally Identifiable Information through a use of a web form or otherwise. UBC IT recommends the use of Qualtrics for such purposes. You are able to embed a Qualtrics survey within your UBC Blog.

Although UBC makes every effort to maintain the security of this web site and your personal information, UBC cannot guarantee against, and is not responsible for, unauthorized access or fraudulent use of your personal information.