Week One of LAST100, and What A Ride It’s Already Been, or How I Learned to Love Myself Again.

Hi! My name is Tom Lambrou and I’m in my fourth year at UBC, having recently transferred from the idea of working a major in Creative Writing to pursuing the (likely) far more applicable degree in English Literature studies. I am taking the LAST 100 course mainly in the spirit of having a more rounded experience of studying Spanish (just started SPAN 101 this term as well!).

The student video I have so far most enjoyed watching has to be the film “Caudillos.” Informative, and based on interesting subject matter, but it is clearly not a high-budget production. Despite this, it is effortlessly endearing, with each poster crafted lovingly and surprisingly well framed, with the camera zooming on certain parts of each depending on where the information dictates the story to go. I enjoyed it very much.

Another video I enjoyed was one titled “Power to the People.” To be completely honest, I was already won over by the Star-Wars-esque introductory credits. The rest of the video was informative and well structured, and I enjoyed watching it.

I found the first video listed (“Modernity in Latin America,” from 2016) to be an informative and entertainingly edited video.┬áThe audio editing however was not a strong point, having one segment especially quiet. Naturally, I turned my speakers up to be able to hear the speaker talk about Brazil and the blooming coffee trade. My ears, though, were not well prepared for the volume spike just ahead, and as against an onslaught of educative death metal, I recoiled. I am happy to learn, but I love my ears and their safety more so.

Finally, to round off with the latter half of my blog post title, I have not quite learned to love myself again. Mopey as it may sound, I choose instead to think of It as a work in progress, just as life is in many areas of itself. Keep it up, fellow students, for the winter will never break us. Onward and Upward!

Warmest regards,

Tom Lambrou.

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