I was shocked when I read the title of this article today. A part-time job that pays $31,000 for one hour? That must be the highest paying job on earth! I guess everyone would be shocked initially. But then I scrolled down to discover which company made such a seemingly irrational decision, and I found that it was Japan’s Domino Pizza.

While absorbing the article, I realized that this is exactly how Japan’s Domino wants people to remember their name. This is one of the newborn marketing strategies called the Law of Big Numbers.  “When people come into networks, they have this obsession with quality and quantity.” Compared to putting ads on TV, newspapers, or start a discount promotion campaign, this $31,000 one-time cost to generate massive media attention is more worthwhile, or in accounting perspective, more cost-effective.

Now you give a try, can you tell what’s accounting and marketing behind this promotion?

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