The greatest lesson I learnt in the recent years is from a book that I read while I was still deciding about my future career. It is a book written by a famous Japanese accountant Yamada Shinya. The book provided me an interesting perspective of accounting in daily life and encouraged me to pursue accounting as my future career.

For a long period of time I thought accounting is all about numbers, numbers and numbers. Yamada’s book has totally changed my view of accounting. “Being an good accountant is not just about efficiency and precision; but instead, it is to learn the ability to interpret the story behind the numbers and make the numbers tell the story”.

Here is an example of how accounting numbers matter in business world by Yamada. Mall A has a promotion of  “every customers get 2% of rebate on their purchase” and is only able to attract 5% more customers, whereas Mall B has a promotion of  ” 1 of every 50 customers receive 100% of rebate on their purchase” and is able to attract 25% more customers.

Is there a difference between the two promotions? Absolutely no.

What made the difference? Accounting.

Because of Yamada and his book, I fall in love with accounting and obsessed with how magical it is in business strategy.

Although numbers are absolute, but there still can be innovation with it.

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