In Laura’s blog, she discusses the new features of Facebook and other hot technology that seem to encourage further privacy invasion in our lives, causing boundaries that used to separate our private lives from our online presence to disappear. As a consumer, we are constantly bombarded by ads and hyped-up new products that we are convinced we need in our lives. And it seems to be the trend nowadays that we integrate our online actions with real life increasingly to earn rewards for being tech savvy.

With Foursquare and Google Wallet applications, we expect technology will improve convenience in our lives, which, to be fair, it does, but at the cost of our abandonment of privacy. It has also created a generation and a society who takes for granted acknowledgement and easy-to-achieve accomplishments. With every act, we are growing to believe we deserve praise and getting more and more used to a pat on the back, however insignificant our Facebook post or Foursquare check-in. What’s more, it used to be hard to become a celebrity, but Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter has contributed to the creation of countless local celebrity types!

Like Laura mentioned, even gaming has become an experience that is not just about personal satisfaction any longer. Kiip, founded by Sauder’s own Brian Wong, is tapping into the trend and offering real, substantial rewards for gaming achievements. What’s next? Being rewarded for helping an old lady cross the road? What happened to the traditional genuine emotion and desire to do good just for the sake of it? Must we be given material items to “motivate” us for the rest of our lives?

Feel good when you do good.

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