Tony’s recent blog post
shares with his readers the year-old Call of Duty ¬†advertisement that features Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel, among other ‘soldiers’ who can be identified as people of all walks of life. One can easily identify medical technicians, kitchen staff, hotel concierge, office executives, and construction workers in the advertisement, whose slogan at the end is “There’s a Soldier in All of Us”. It is interesting that the commercial included regular actors as well as celebrities such as Kobe Bryant, the top NBA player of the past decade, and popular comedian Jimmy Kimmel. The mixture of people helps to make the slogan believable, and the audience can truly imagine him or herself in the role of a soldier. The short ad is effective because of this factor and although Tony discusses the controversial aspect of the violent commercial, there are no explicit scenes in the ad that should need to be censored, and the rating warning is sufficient for the market. Furthermore, the environment the commercial takes place in is not a neighbourhood or mall where one could easily imagine and replicate, so the company has reasonably accounted for dangerous reactions from the public. I appreciate the commercial because of its originality and am relativity confident that a celebrity’s choice in revenue source does not affect its fans’ mentality to run out and shoot people with machine guns.

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