Below are the courses I teach.  Click here to search for courses that I am teaching in the current year.

Geography 122 – Geography, Modernity and Globalization II

The human geography of the modern world since 1945: global interdependence in economic geography, geopolitics, and cultural geography; consequences of modernization, including demography, urbanization and environmental effects; regional case studies; reactions to modernization. May be taken separately from GEOG 121.

Geography 350 – Introduction to Urban Geography

City systems and theories of urban location; internal spatial structure of the city; commercial and industrial location; social areas; neighbourhood and land use change; urban trends and public policy.

Geography 361 – Introduction to economic geography

History and methods of economic geography. Location of resource industries, manufacturing, and service activities with emphasis on British Columbia in its North American and world setting. Recommended for students with no previous exposure to Economic Geography, before taking other courses in the 36x and 46x series.

Geography 560A – Economic Geography

Seminar course.