This is the official blog for the UBCevents calendar project. The UBCevents online events calendar, which was launched September 2008, is a centralized system that serves the entire UBC community: Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Visitors. A collaboration between UBC Public Affairs, UBC IT, and Student Development, UBCevents incorporated over two hundred and forty separate event providers into its calendaring system in its inaugural year on campus, bringing UBC closer to its vision of connected community.

UBCevents is unique in allowing every campus unit at UBC the freedom to manage their own events, so the individual group can be seamlessly weaved into the UBC fabric — in a visually tangible manner as witnessed throughout the UBCevents website. We strive to remain at the leading edge of technology by constant development, whether it’s giving our users ways to interact through Facebook and Twitter.

But what gets us really excited about UBCevents is what happens under the hood. UBCevents empowers our users in a couple of handy ways:

  • iCal files are available for each event, allowing them to easily incorporate it into their personal time management software
  • RSS feeds allow users to pull the information to their feed-enabled devices and tools
  • RSS feeds also enable our event providers to pull their own events back to their individual websites

…And we’ve always got more in the works!

By building UBCevents on top of Bedeworks, an open source calendaring solution, the development team is consistently engaged in an active and constant process of improvement shared with institutions across the world. We know that few initiatives are perfect from the get-go, and with UBCevents we’re counting on iterations of the product to help us change and better meet the needs of the UBC community.

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